Scarlett Couture- New Look, New Cover Girl. Jordan Gwynn Colton

 After the release of Scarlett Couture the Collected Edition I had already been thinking about the follow-up book and how to make the character fresh again. Whilst watching Rosie Huntington-Whiteley strut her stuff on the Victoria's Secret catwalk it dawned on me to give Scarlett a completely new look.

Why change her from a red-head to a strawberry blonde? My thought process was that women change their hair color whenever they get bored of it, so why wouldn't Scarlett. Also, whilst standing at Euston Platform 9 one Friday evening I noticed groups of girls heading down the platform for a night out. The majority were blonde or brunette and barely raised a glance but one redhead appeared out of nowhere and most people stared as she walked past.

As the original model Viktoria moved to Holland (and got some impressive tattoos done) I called on a long-time friend of mine and asked if she fancied taking up the mantle. LA model Jordan Gwynn Colton.
As Ricky Claydon at Titan put it " There's more than one Lara Croft model. Scarlett can be the same"
 When Jordan told me she was thinking about changing her hair color from brunette to blonde I could not believe it! Lucky times!!

Once I got her onboard the next thing was to get a cracking photographer (remembering what happened with the first series cover) and called upon hot Pin-Up photographer Chris Gomez to do a series of test shoots that blew me away.

I look forward to sharing some of these shots with you but for now- meet the sweetheart that is Jordan.
And check out Scarlett's new look.

Des Taylor

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