Scarlett Couture - Sexy Fashion Spy

Scarlett Couture is a new action comic that follows the daughter of Billionaire Fashion mogul (and ex- Cold War CIA spy) Chase Couture, who uses her company as a front for C.I.A operations worldwide. Their Branch is called the C.I.G (Covert Investigations Group) whose primary goal is to collect information on criminals that live above the law, for other government agencies to act upon.

Scarlett, living in her mother’s shadow, wants to prove herself as capable an agent as her mother was. She’s tough, assertive, cunning and resilient but has a tendency to bypass protocol, act on the evidence and bring down the bad guys herself… much to the dislike of her handler, Spencer Kelly.
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Scarlett also has the luxury of having NYPD Lt. Jack Gillis as her father. Someone she has looked up to, admired and learned from. When Jack discovered that his wife was a spy during their marriage they separated and hardly talk to each other. Scarlett now acts as a go-between to her parents. 

Aided by a close team of operatives, official and Non-official, Scarlett isn't alone in her mission to
bring domestic and international criminals to justice. During Operation Stardust Kelly Garcia and Claudia Wang work as Scarlett's tech team...

Special agents Sapphire and Stone as field operatives ...

and the wild-card, NOC agent Trent Wayland as back-up. An agent who has worked with Scarlett on numerous occasions and has the same gung-ho, dive- in- where- others- dread attitude.  Much to the dislike of her handler Spencer Kelly.

Des Taylor

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